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Helping you gain financial independence so you can get on with your life's work!

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Sunday Planning is a financial planning firm focused on serving the needs of women. We are passionate about a few things: closing the wealth gap, financial education (because knowledge is power & power changes the world), and helping you live a life truly aligned to your purpose. 

We teach you how to organize your financial life through ongoing financial planning & education

What we do

That is how we change things around here. It's the power to improve your life, buy a home, and fund causes you care about.  

The financial industry has not taken care of women. Their messages are confusing and demeaning. Women are a NICHE to them. We exist to change that. 

We want all women to know their worth and know how to ask for more. We want to live in a world where rich women are the norm. 

Why we do it  

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• Recently divorced women  
• Recently widowed women
• New investors or new to financial planning 
• High income earners juggling debt 

We serve all women and couples. We specialize particularly in serving the needs of:

Who we serve

More About US

The world tells girls we have a spending problem, save all your pennies, think small, live frugal or else you'll be the bag lady under the bridge- no more. I want to help you get your financial sh*t in order so you can live the life you want once and for all. No more money shame, no more worry, and no more fear. Because once you have awareness and a plan, there's no turning back. 

And I help women tap into more confidence, freedom and joy with their money

I'm Rebecca Gonzalez Montaño, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

Why it all matters

Women, on average, retire with two-thirds the money that men do

Source: nytimes.com

Why it all matters

The pink tax (being charged more for the same products marketed differently) costs  women an average of $1,351 a year

Source: Bankrate

Why it all matters

The wealth gap is enormous

Women own 32 cents to a man's 1 dollar.

Black & Latinx own 1 cent
(you read that right... a penny)

Source: womenswealthgap.org

Why it all matters

Despite that... women have been shown to be more successful investors than men

Source: Fidelity 

Why it all matters

Even with less money,  women give more to nonprofits on average than men do

Source: Women’s Philanthropy Institute
Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

Why it all matters

you + money = choices