We are a women focused financial planning firm dedicated to helping women break the cycle of poverty, build generational wealth, and leave a legacy. We created a simple straightforward process for you to organize your financial life, gain confidence in money and career and help you face the hard stuff.

Your financial life matters. It’s the foundation of your choices and sorting it out relieves stress, frees up time and energy, and gives you clarity and peace of mind. This is the sort of stuff we all need! Wherever you are starting from, it only matters that you start. It’s about providing a better life for yourself, your family and for generations to come.

About Sunday Planning

What is financial planning?

You may be wondering “what is financial planning?” and “why do I need it?” 

Financial planning is the process of determining your current financial situation, setting goals for the future, and finding ways to maximize your potential for reaching those goals. It gives you a personalized plan for your life situation. It’s a collaborative process between you and your advisor and is an ongoing process throughout your life. You may revisit your plan anytime you have a decision to make or a life transition. A financial plan also keeps you on track with investment decisions, ways to maximize your tax situation, and overall spending & savings.

What is the value?

Financial planning can save you time, money, and give you peace of mind. Working with a financial planning professional helps you through hard financial decisions, navigating investments and retirement accounts, and protecting your future. No matter what phase of life you are in, it can help you reach your goals and provide for your future. 

Ready to work on a financial plan that provides freedom & security? 

Financial planning empowers you with the foundation, systems, and guidance to finally feel financially sound & at ease. 

I’m Rebecca Montaño, first generation college graduate and the eldest of 5 kids. I have 3 beautiful sisters, a  fiery momma, and 2 step-daughters. I love my family so much it makes my heart want to burst. Literally, it gets tight just thinking about it. This is why I do this. I want to break the cycle of small-minded living and open doors and opportunities for abundance.

I know financial independence matters because it means daycare for your children, medical bills paid, first home bought, self-care so you can do your best work, freedom to travel and treat yourself. It’s also more than that. It’s legacy. It’s education, it’s the power to influence. The first step to building security, peace of mind, and legacy is through a solid plan.

I am passionate about helping women because we are the backbone of so many things. We need this more than ever & I’ll be damned if my children & sisters are caught up in an industry that doesn’t speak to them. I am making change in my little corner of the world and I want to help you make change in yours.

About Rebecca Montaño, Founder

Education And Accreditation:

 • B.S. in Business Administration, emphasis in Finance
 • Series 66 

• Honesty + Love + Integrity
• People first mentality
• Stay humble
• Openness (no shady shit)
• Cultivate self-awareness
• Make it simple & be straightforward
• Mindful & Intentional but know when to pivot

Our Core Values

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